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  2. International payments with Wise

How do I set up international payments in my Allica Bank account?

The first time you send an international payment, you will need to either set up a Wise account or, if you already have one, link your existing Wise account to your Allica Bank account. In both cases, you can do so without having to leave the Allica Bank website.  

The first individual that connects the Allica account to Wise will automatically become the ‘registered user’, creating a business profile and determining which specific Wise account will be linked to Allica for international payments.   

All subsequent users of the Allica account making international payments will be prompted to log into Wise and will need to use the Wise login details first chosen by the ‘registered user’. 

Please note that to change your Wise registered user, a ‘Super User’ in your business will need to contact Customer Services on 0330 094 3333 and provide supporting information.